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Our #1 Goal is Improving your Quality
of Life that has Been Lost Due to Pain.

Our #1 Goal at Indiana Pain Centers is to improve your Quality of Life! That's right! Our purpose is not solely to take away all of your pain. Some pain can be treated and will never return again. However, this is usually not the case. Finding a way of managing our patient's pain and improving their quality of life is what we see as most important. Pain can affect so many things in our life; for example, walking, socializing, family, sex, diet, emotions, etc. At Indiana Pain Centers, our goal is to help you walk further, eat healthier, spend more time playing with your kids, or anything else your pain restricts you from doing. This is a clinic to help find a way to improve your quality of life that has been lost due to pain.

How Has Dr.Hedrick Helped Your Life?

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Tell Us Where It Hurts

When you come for your first visit, our physicians will take the time to do a complete physical and a complete health history. By giving detailed answers to our doctors, and by using a number of tools, like pain scales, pain diaries and diagrams, you can better describe your pain and help us understand exactly how you are feeling

Diagnosis and Treatment

To accurately diagnose your pain problem, we may recommend neurological testing, laboratory screening, radiological examinations and/or behavior assessments. We offer dozens of treatment options ranging from non-surgical and state-of-the-art intervention pain therapies to medication management.